Geoffrey Zzwa

Geoffrey Zzwa_profile
Age: 16

Grade: Senior 4

Family: Lives with grandmother

Goals: Become an engineer

Geoffrey Zzwa’s shy exterior immediately vanishes when he begins to talk about engineering. Geoffrey has big plans for his community; when he grows up, he wants to manage buildings and roads in order to create good, safe transportation systems for his village.

Lowering his voice slightly, Geoffrey explains that his favorite memory involves his father, who died when he was young. He now lives alone with his elderly grandmother. He diligently cares for her, helping around the house by fetching water daily and cleaning her clothes. His favorite subjects at school are history and commerce, and he believes strongly in the value of education.

When asked if he could have any thing in the world, his immediate response was that he wished he could have a university education to pursue his studies. “If I get employed…it will change my life,” he says.