Nicholas Ssempijja

Nicholas Ssempijja
Age: 17

Grade: Senior 5

Family: Has lived at Cosma Foundation since infancy

Goals: Become a pastor

Nicholas Ssempijja was abandoned when he was less than six months old. He has lived at the Cosma Foundation home since he was found as a baby, and is now 17 years old. He enjoys playing football and interacting with his friends. At home, he fetches water, and during weekends and holidays he helps in the fields cultivating crops.

Despite his rough childhood, Nicholas is a cheerful and confident boy. He’d like to become a pastor when he grows up, and admires watching Reverend Fathers put on their gowns to preach. Nicholas looks forward to being involved with people in the community by preaching the Bible to them. He is grateful to have been brought up by the Cosma Foundation, and prays that someday he will get an opportunity to meet his parents, brothers, and sisters.