Ronald Ssekimpi

Ronald Ssekimpi
Age: 13

Grade: Primary 3

Family: Lives with grandfather

Goals: Become an accountant

Ronald Ssekimpi’s parents died when he was four years old, and since then he has lived with his 80-year-old grandfather. For the past two years, Ronald has lived at the Cosma Foundation’s house during the school holidays, though he continues to help around his house by fetching water, working in the fields, and cleaning. He’s the second-youngest of 12 children in the family.

Ronald is not shy: he can give a speech and sometimes dances when the other kids are watching. He enjoys history, mathematics and English at school. In his free time, he reads history books and plays football with his friends. Ronald wants to be a lawyer to help rid society of law-breakers. Ronald says that he feels Cosma Foundation is his second home and Charles, Cosma’s director, his second father, as the Foundation provides school fees and other supplies to enable him to achieve his dreams.