Salaama Nanyondo

Salaama Nanyondo
Age: 18

Grade: Vocational/University

Family: Lives at Cosma Foundation

Goals: Become a journalist

Salaama Nanyondo is a young 18-year-old girl who is joining University this year, harboring hopes of becoming a journalist someday. Although she is extremely fortunate in that both her parents are still alive, Salaama struggles to live the life of a student. She stays at the Cosma Foundation home. As with most kids in her neighbourhood, she often falls sick but her love for English and Biology gives her the strength to go to school on days when she should really be going to a hospital. Her hard work has paid off; she managed to score 12 points in the Senior 6 exams, the highest score in her class.

What is remarkable about Salaama is that apart from being determined to study and become a journalist, she would like to see and help bring about a change in her community. She believes that every child should have the opportunity to study, and would like nothing more than to someday make that a reality. For now, however, she would just like enough money for her university school books and fees.