Florence Namujjuzzi

Florence Namujjuzzi
Age: 17

Grade: Senior 6

Family: Lives with parents and 10 siblings

Goals: Become a musician and film star

Florence Namujjuzzi is not sure whether she will manage to complete high school, because her parents stopped paying her school fees at a young age. For a short time her brother-in-law took over this responsibility, but he too was unable to continue supporting her in the long term. With Cosma Foundation’s help, Florence was able to complete Senior 5, and she now hopes to excel at her Senior 6 exams this year.

Florence comes from a family of 11 children, and in her spare time she helps teach her younger siblings, as well as helping the family by farming, fetching water and cooking. Every day is a challenge because of the lack of money to pay for daily necessities, having to walk long distances to get to school, and hunger due to lack of food, but Florence has big dreams of a future as a musician and film star. Her life has already been given hope through support from Cosma Foundation, and she hopes to complete University studies before embarking on her career.