Immaculate Nakazibwe

Immaculate Nakazibwe
Age: 17

Grade: Vocational/University

Family: Lives with parents and 8 siblings

Goals: Become a nurse

Immaculate Nakazibwe is a shy 17-year-old girl who stays with her parents, five sisters and three brothers. Her parents are subsistence farmers, and applied for a scholarship for Immaculate so she could attend school. Immaculate enjoys school, and likes science subjects the best. She also enjoys playing netball and dancing. After school, she helps the family by cleaning utensils, fetching water and cooking.

Immaculate would like to be a nurse when she finishes her studies. Her caring nature is obvious to all who know her, and she often worries about her siblings who cannot attend school because of financial constraints. Immaculate would like to express her thanks to Cosma Foundation, as well as its donors, for helping make a significant difference in her life.