Prossy Nabbale

Prossy Nabbale
Age: 18

Grade: Vocational/University

Family: Lives with parents and 6 siblings

Goals: Become an accountant

Prossy Nabbale always wears a smile on her face, which she says is because of the joy she feels since first being helped by Cosma Foundation when she was in Primary 5.

Prossy is the first-born of six children. Her parents are farmers who cultivate a small piece of land in the village. During primary school, Prossy was top or second-best in her class of 150 students all the way from Primary 1 to Primary 6. She continued her achievements through secondary school and got high marks in her exit exams. She recently finished Senior 6, where she focused on mathematics, economics, geography and computers, and has applied to university.

Prossy talks about how much her life has changed since attending school, such as the fact that she now feels confident enough to stand firm and speak in public using English. She aspires to be an accountant, and would like to work at a bank where she could give out community loans to boost families’ income.