The Piggery Project was started in 2012 to improve the self-sustainability of our operations and to empower communities by adopting modern agricultural skills.

The model is simple, and designed after established programs just as Heifer International. The first step is bringing robust foreign pig breeds from abroad to Uganda. These breeds grow faster and are more robust than local breeds. Communities are responsible for all aspects of the pigs’ care, from feeding to veterinary services and farm management. Along the way, they are guided by trained experts to ensure that the pigs grow as healthily as possible. Finally, when the pigs reproduce, the litter of piglets is divided among new families.

In this way, we envision that a small farm can grow large enough to provide a large proportion of the income of our entire community.

To date, the project has seen a great deal of success. A total of 13 exotic pig breeds are now being raised by our pioneering batch of farmers, who have been handpicked by the Foundation. At the current rate of growth, we project that the Piggery project will bring our community a total revenue of UGX 1 million each year.

However, our goals are much more ambitious. Under our 1 Family 1 Piglet Initiative, our objective is for every family to own at least one fertile adult pig in the years to come. This additional income will in turn allow families to provide for basic necessities and to send their children to school.

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