Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship
Cosma Foundation was established in 2000 with the dream of giving every child the means to obtain a school education. Today, our Child Sponsorship program remains at the core of what we do. From our first sponsored student, Denis Mukasa (read his profile here), Cosma Foundation has grown to support the school expenses of 47 students today. We don’t just provide their school fees – wherever possible, essential items such as books, pencils and shoes are given to the students as well.

The link between child and sponsor is one that we treasure greatly. Sponsors receive regular correspondence from their sponsored children, and more than a few of these exchanges have led to the growth of lasting friendships.

Others have chosen to support Cosma’s cause in other ways. Over the years, we have received a variety of different gifts, ranging from shoes to mosquito nets and sanitary pads, from both local supporters and international friends. Each kind gift makes an incredible difference to the lives of the children we support.

All this is possible because of your support. However, our resources are limited and as a result, there always remain deserving students who are yet to be sponsored.

Be the change. Sponsor a child today.

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