Community Reachout

Cosma Foundation has recently introduced a project to include more of the community members in Cosma  Work,

The Community Reach out Program:

The Reach Out program is a way for  Cosma Foundation to contribute to our Sembabule community through welfare(social, economic and health) service.

The  Community Reach Out program recognizes that the impact of community service is often intangible to us. We believe the collective impact of individuals can change community welfare.



Improving  Community Healthy through reaching out to families; Prevention of  epidemics like Malaria, Measles, HIV,  and other diseases in  that affect children and pregnant mothers.

Social- Cultural development

Through Sports, the project intends to develop talents among the youths in the community but also ehnancing unity  and cohesion in the community.

Economic empowerment,

The project intends to mobilize the local people to save and invest in income generating activities to uplift the locals from absolute poverty

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