Mission Statement

Cosma Foundation is a community-based organization with the major goal of helping orphans, neglected children, and vulnerable children from poverty-stricken families. We aim to provide access to education, improve the health of the children, and empower them to be creative and lead themselves to a bright future.


The organization shall exist as a vehicle to carry out the following objectives:

  1. To empower and equip orphans, neglected children and children from poverty-stricken families with vocational skills and knowledge, so as to create job makers in the country rather than job seekers.
  2. To carry out HIV/AIDS sensitization to the people by reaching the unreached, in response to the great commission, including providing guidance and moral counseling.
  3. To promote child welfare by providing and supporting education for orphans and vulnerable children in the community via establishment of primary, secondary and vocational schools.
  4. To initiate income-generating projects and other activities for the target groups and for the sustainability of the organization with its effects.
  5. To promote primary health care and to provide life planning skills in Ssembabule district.
  6. To foster unity by providing a link with other charity organizations that strive to advocate children rights within the community and the country at large, with particular focus on social and economic development.
  7. To bridge the parental and companion gap created by involuntary disassociation of vulnerable children with parents or relatives, especially by AIDS and other illnesses, so as to create quality citizens for the future by providing for the missing needs.
  8. To alleviate the stigma of the public towards people affected by, and infected with, HIV/AIDS.
  9. To join the global struggle against HIV/AIDS and fight against illiteracy and unemployment.