About Us

Cosma Foundation was founded in 2000, when Cosma Nsambya was struck by the extremely low rate of school attendance for orphans in the village of Sembabule. He started sponsoring them to go to school, one child at a time.

The first child to receive his help was a boy named Mukasa Denis, who was then four years old, without any parents or relatives. Cosma provided him with school fees, books, pens, uniforms and other essentials. As the years went by, the number of children he supported grew. Although his resources were scarce, Cosma was inspired by his background as a teacher to continue his support and love for the children. Sadly, he developed a heart attack that eventually led to his death in 2003.

His death did not stop more children from coming to the organization for support. By the year 2005, the number of children supported by the organization had risen to 25, and his son Charles took over responsibility of managing the foundation. Today, Cosma Foundation has an enrollment of 45 children, and continues to assist them by paying for their school fees and providing them with necessary school materials and uniforms.